Benefits of Drinking Water and Salt

In today’s society, water is a necessity and additive-free water is the healthiest choice. So if water is so important, why not add salt?

Yes, water with some sea salt mixed in can be extremely beneficial to one’s health but also dangerous depending on how much water and salt you drink daily. Read below for some pros and cons of drinking water with some sea salt added to it!

Benefits of Drinking Water and Salt

1 . It’s More Convenient  

Many people have been going gaga over water fountains all around the world. They are popping up everywhere with tons of people having fun drinking from them, filling their bottles, and cleaning them for others who will use them later on. 

There is also water cooling machines that allow you to create cold water with the press of a button. However, what happens when you need water? You cannot simply carry a water fountain or water cooler machine around in your pocket, and water bottles tend to become quite heavy if filled. If you want water without having to carry a water cooler with you, then water and salt may be the best solution for you.

2 . It’s More Economical  

First off, water has been proven to make fountains last longer since it helps cleanse the pipe system (Gostyla). Using water and salt costs less than buying bottled water or installing expensive water coolers that will subsequently need electricity for usage. This means that there is no cost associated with creating these machines which makes them more economical than traditional methods of getting water.

3 . Replenishment of Electrolytes  

It is important to maintain electrolyte balance especially when we sweat a lot. Saltwater helps with this and makes water taste better in the process (Rasic). Replenishing electrolytes is important for activities such as hiking, running, and sports where water alone may not be enough. For hikers, it might also be beneficial to bring saltwater when camping outdoors especially if water is scarce.

4 . It Combats Dehydration  

Water is said to combat dehydration since it hydrates without needing energy from carbohydrates or fat (Harvard Health Publications). This is probably the biggest advantage of water with salt since one does not have to worry about adding sugar or additives that provide calories which make water less interesting for many people.

5 . You Can Control Your Dining Experience   

Saltwater mixed with water can be used to create low-sodium water without compromising the taste. This way, one can still enjoy the water even if they want to avoid sodium intake for medical reasons (Centers for Disease Control).

6 . Stays Cool Longer  

Ice water has long been hailed as a great method of cooling down especially during times where there is no ice around. Saltwater also stays cold longer than regular water due to lower freezing point which makes it perfect for hot days when you need something cool but cannot find any ice cubes anywhere (United States Geological Survey).

7 . It’s Convenient  

It’s convenient because water is easily accessible everywhere unlike other drinks that are only sold at specific stores. The water is also available at water fountains around the world.

8 . It’s Energy Free  

Water with salt does not need energy for consumption, unlike soda or other highly caffeinated drinks that have to be bought from stores or vending machines often requiring coins or paper money. 

Also compared to water bottles, water coolers are more environmentally friendly since they are reusable instead of being disposable plastic water bottles which take hundreds of years before decomposing (United States Geological Survey). Lastly, water coolers do not require electricity to make the water cold which makes them even more convenient to use.


Drinking water with salt added into it has some major drawbacks — including water intoxication, high blood pressure and more.

Water intoxication

Drinking water with sea salt in it is commonly referred to as water poisoning or water intoxication. According to eMedExpert, “It occurs when too much sodium is supplied about water”. The reason this happens is that water dilutes sodium levels, which can cause the cells of the body to swell. It’s even possible for one’s brain cells to swell if sodium levels aren’t regulated correctly, resulting in water poisoning.

High blood pressure

Too much sea salt mixed in water can raise your blood pressure. Dr Mercola says, “over the long term, water retention and a diet high in sodium both raise blood pressure. If you have kidney damage, salt can even cause fluid to leak out of your blood vessels into surrounding tissue, resulting in swelling – this is known as oedema”.

Excessive water consumption

Water intoxication is real, as water dilutes electrolyte levels which can cause water intoxication. It’s been reported that excessive water consumption caused death from water poisoning. This isn’t limited to water with sea salt mixed into it but drinking too much plain water without any sea salt at all.

Too much sea salt

Remember what we said earlier about how water dilutes sodium levels? Well if one consumes too much sea saltwater, it can cause water poisoning.


The benefits of drinking water with sea salt mixed into it may outweigh the drawbacks for some people — but water intoxication and high blood pressure are just a few of the major cons that come along with drinking water with sea salt added into it.

The next time you’re thirsty, keep in mind all of your options before you settle on the water with sea salt added to it!


Is drinking water with salt good for you?

Yes, there are several benefits to drinking water with salt in it. Many people have been recommending water with sea salt in it for centuries. Many holistic healing traditions have recommended water with sea salt in it. 

Even today there are still places around the world where water is traditionally drunk with seawater added to it. In some regions, it’s not uncommon to add iodized table salt to the water before drinking it, both as a preventative measure against iodine deficiency and also simply because when the water has been enhanced this way it tastes better

What does putting salt in water do?

The water will have a more pleasing taste. Drinking water with sea salt can also help replace electrolytes lost from exercising or during periods of high temperature and humidity. 

Your body needs water to function properly, but it also needs the right amount of minerals, such as sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium. By adding water with sea salt you are giving your body a healthier alternative to sugary drinks that may leave your body dehydrated. You should always check with a medical professional before changing any dietary habits.

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