Fidget Toys for Adults That Help for Anxiety

For some, sensory toys may be the ultimate fidgeting solution. Fidget sensory toys are specifically designed to help people cope with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and sensory sensitive issues.

These sensory toys come in different types to offer all kinds of sensory input for sensory seekers or kids with SPD, autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, etc.

If you’re overwhelmed by sensory input, sensory toys offer a sensory break from the stimuli. They provide proprioceptive input to the body, e.g., giving it physical “work” so that it can calm down and relax.

The sensory toys for adults listed here all have different functions depending on your needs or sensory issues. They can soothe sensory seekers or people with a sensory processing disorder and sensory sensitive issues, as well as those with ADD and ADHD.

What Are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are sensory toys that help with sensory regulation and sensory processing disorder (SPD) in children or even adults with attention issues like ADHD and anxiety disorders.

Fidget sensory toys provide sensory input for sensory seekers and can be used as fidgeting tools for adults, kids, and individuals with autism or SPD. They come in various shapes and forms to offer different kinds of sensory work. These sensory fidget toys may also help with emotional regulation, stress relief, self-regulation skills, fine motor skills development, stimulate intellectual curiosity, etc.

What Are Some Fidget Toys For Adults?

The best fidget toy depends on individual needs. The sensory fidget toys listed below have different functions depending on your sensory needs: 

  • sensory fidget toys for sensory seekers 
  • sensory fidget toy for sensory processing disorder (SPD)
  • sensory fidget toys for adults who have sensory processing disorder (SPD), autism, ADHD, etc.

What Are Sensory Fidget Toys?

Sensory toys provide proprioceptive sensory input to the body and help in calming down and relaxing when overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. They can be used as a sensory break from physical activity or concentration exercises. 

Fidgets that help you deal with your anxiety

The following items are designed to calm and soothe kids with sensory needs but also ADHD fidget toys for adults. Remember, every child is different so if you’re looking for sensory fidgets, look for sensory fidgets that can provide sensory input to your sensory needs.

1) Flarp! Jr. Fidget Maker

This sensory fidget toy is a sensory solution for sensory seekers and kids with ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorder, autism etc.

2) Bandit Spinner Keychain 

This sensory spinner keychain is the perfect fidget toy to keep at hand and help you de-stress when needed.

3) Zipper Pulls 

These sensory zipper pulls may be attached to laptop zippers or backpack zippers as ADHD fidget toys for adults or as sensory fidget toys for adults with sensory sensitive issues like SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). The sensation of pulling the zipper down and up again will give proprioceptive sensory input.

4) Smart Coloring Fidget Pens

These sensory stress fidget pens are ideal for sensory seekers or sensory kids who may be overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, but also for ADHD fidget toys adults. They are great sensory fidget toys to keep the hands busy while the mind is focused on colouring.

5) Weighted Lap Pads & Silly Putty Wiggly Eyes

These sensory fidgets can be used together or separately as sensory tools for anxiety. The weighted lap pad provides proprioceptive sensory input while the silly putty wiggly eyes provide tactile sensory input to ease your anxiety and stress levels.

6) Rubbabu Gummy Stress Ball

This soft sensory fidget toy provides sensory input to the touch sensory system. It can be used as sensory fidget toys for kids or sensory fidgets for adults who are sensory seekers.

7) Flickering Bulb Fidgets & Fidget Hand Spinner Vroom Vroom Vehicle

These sensory fidgets are ideal to use at home, work, school, gatherings etc. The flickering bulb provides tactile sensory stimulation and the vroom vroom vehicle fidget toy offers visual sensory input. 

Which sensory fidget toy is best for you? 

That depends on your sensory needs and personal preference! A sensory fidget toy that is great for one sensory seeker may not be the best sensory fidget toy for another sensory seeker with sensory needs just like yours.

How to use a sensory fidget toy​

Are you wondering how you should use sensory fidgets to improve your mental health? There are general guidelines on how you should play with sensory toys that you must keep in mind :

  • Do not focus too much on one sensory input at a time. You should be able to focus on multiple sensory inputs at once. For instance, if you want to play with sensory dough, applying vibration will stimulate your sense of touch while rolling it between hands stimulates both tactile (touch) and proprioceptive sensory input.
  • Sensory toys should not activate sensory organs simultaneously as it can be overwhelming for the brain. In the sensory fidget toy bar, you can apply vibration during rolling it between hands to stimulate both tactile and proprioceptive sensory input, but stimulating tactile sensory organs while rolling sensory dough will make it impossible for your brain to process multiple sensory inputs.
  • Get creative with sensory fidget toys! Keep in mind that sensory fidgets are tools that should help you stay focused throughout the day. For instance, if you want to play with sensory dough, you can mix certain ingredients such as sand to achieve a specific result such as calming effects after manipulating sensory toys or increasing motor coordination when gripping objects using hand muscles. 

Furthermore, mixing different colours of sensory dough will also help stimulate sensory input from multiple sensory organs such as sight and smell.

  • Visualize sensory input – by visualizing sensory input, you can trick your brain to feel sensory stimuli. If you want to play with sensory fidget toys for adults, you should close your eyes if possible and visualize all sensory inputs that you are going to receive. Through visualization, it is easier for the brain to process sensory stimuli allowing us to stay focused on a certain task at hand.

Types of sensory toys​

Now that you know how beneficial sensory fidget toys are, let us now learn about the different types of sensory fidget toys available out there. Fidgets work best when applied based on the specific needs of an individual. For instance, if you have OCD, sensory toys that allow you to fidget in a specific way will do the trick.

There are sensory toys made from different materials such as marble rollers, sensory dough or sensory fidgets bar. Furthermore, there are also sensory toys available in the form of disc fidget for adults which provides sensory input when rolled between fingers and hands.

The good thing about sensory fidget toy is that it comes in different colours and designs so you can choose one based on your personal preference. You can also find sensory fidget toys designed specifically for people with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, PTSD and other mental disorders. 

These playful sensory tools come usually in bright colours that will surely catch your attention. In terms of pricing, sensory toys for adults do not need to be too expensive. You can find sensory fidget toys that cost less than $5 and sensory fidgets bar for as low as $6.

What are the benefits of using them? 

A sensory fidget can meet different sensory needs: proprioceptive input (touch), tactile input (hands/fingertips), deep pressure input (weighted), vestibular input (movement). These sensory fidget toys will help you relax and de-stress while also providing sensory input that your body craves. 

We all have slightly different sensory needs. Sometimes sensory fidget toys can help you get sensory input that your sensory system may be craving from a sensory processing disorder or sensory issues.


Do fidget toys help with anxiety for adults?

We all know that fidgeting is due to anxiety or boredom. It acts as a sensory outlet when you are nervous, restless, bored, etc. When you feel like your body is not under your control and you just need to move around to get rid of the feeling, then sensory fidgets will be perfect for you. They act as sensory tools that can save you from panic attacks and other anxieties.

Can adults play with fidget toys?

You bet! It is a great idea to introduce sensory fidget toys for adults. Kids enjoy sensory toys, and they can also help us relax and focus better. But adult sensory toys are not the same as kids’ playthings. Some of them might require a concentrated effort or an action that involves your hands, feet or mouth to function properly.

What is the most satisfying fidget toy?

The best sensory fidget toy is the one that has textures and shapes, so when you touch it with your hands or hold it between your fingers, you will get to feel something different every time. 

The best sensory fidget toy for kids seems to be metal fidgets made out of steel bearings and other metals. These sensory fidget toys are small yet interesting enough to give a person something to do.

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