What Meaning in Astrology North Node in 12th House

The 12th house is also known as the “House of Karma” or its complementary metal, shell or other material. This cusp represents the ‘shadow self’ and your subconscious mind. It reveals what you’re ready to let go of, i.e., hidden fears, traumas and past karma. The north node in the 12th house is the point of our evolution, both as an individual soul and collectively.

The 12th house also rules our subconscious mind. It’s where we carry fear, guilt, false beliefs and other negative emotions about ourselves. When someone says he or she “feels like a failure”, chances are they might have their north node in Libra.

The Twelfth House in the Natal Chart

Many websites, books and articles about the natal chart contain very little information about the twelfth house. But what does it reveal?

Some authors consider it as a “blind spot” in a person’s life – a place with hidden enemies that try to harm you. Other people say that there is a secret here which you cannot understand and which even you do not know exists.

Some astrologers say that this is a house of hidden fears, phobias and guilt; others claim that when the north node transits the twelfth house, problems with health or addictions will occur (or many other things). And some completely different explanations exist in literature.

What Does North Node Mean in 12th House?

The north node is the place where the Sun was during your birth – it represents your life purpose and therefore also what you should accomplish in future. In the natal chart, the north node is placed in a particular house – the house where this planet is located during your birth chart (which is not always the same as the Sun).

To find out what meaning in astrology North Node in 12th House has, we need to consider two things:

  1. Where the north node is placed in your natal chart;
  1. What houses surround it.

The North Node in Astrology represents

the karmic destination or your life’s true purpose. When it is placed in the 12th house, this implies that you are here to learn certain lessons and pass through a particular experience of your soul.

What does it mean for North Nodes fate to be in the 12th house? You will find out below:

The 12th house represents the past life, everything that is done away from the public eyes. Whatever you go through in the 12th house takes place secretly and for your benefit.

You don’t have to be a hermit or a recluse for your North Node to be in the 12th house. But there is some kind of difficult task you have been assigned to work on. For the sake of your growth, you need to do this alone and without being too visible.

The north node in the 12th house means that there is an issue you have left behind from a past life that needs to be resolved before moving on. The more fixated you are on this matter, the longer it will take to release it. That is because you are dealing with past lives karmic energy.

Fixated on the past or future, this placement brings about psychic awareness and the possibility of experiencing the presence of spirits. This can be a positive experience for some, but others might find themselves most often alone in their quest for spiritual growth.

The North Node in the 12th house also suggests that you are here to be of service to others. You need to learn how to come out of the shell and help the world around you without becoming too self-centred or neglecting your inner needs.

You may feel quite lonely at times, but this is because you tend to work with your spirit and not so much the collective. Just like a hermit, you may retreat from time to time for inspiration or work on something that will be beneficial for others once completed.


Which house is good for the north node?

The north node in the 12th house is not a normal position for the natal north node.

Normally, this point should be influenced by at least one other dominant planet inside a chart. 

But if there is a combination of a strong natal north node and also a strong natal south node in 1st house – so that the nature of the south node perfectly fits into this life, while its nature is not compatible with what you like – then your natal north node may end up in 12th house.

What does the 12th house mean in astrology?

The 12th house is one of the four cardinal houses. This means that it’s an angular house. Angular houses indicate times where there is a new beginning or a start in something, especially if they are activated by transits or progressions.

Transits and progressions are astrological tools for timing events. They show when certain things happen and indicate what might happen.

What is the 12th house associated with?

The 12th house represents the hidden enemies within us, the fears and scars from our past, all of which are kept out of sight. This house is associated with repressed emotions, trauma, secret enemies, self-sabotage tendencies, spiritual or psychological delusions. The main function of this house is to provide complete isolation from others, free of emotional burdens.

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