What Happens When You Drop Your Phone?

What happens when you drop your phone? It is a question that many of us have been asking ourselves after we dropped our phones on the ground. In this blog post, I am going to discuss what exactly happens when you drop your phone and how to prevent it from breaking or even just getting scratches.

What’s the Potential Damage?

One of the first things I did to find out what happens when you drop your phone was look up dropped mobile on Google. The results that came back included people who dropped their phones in toilets, swimming pools, and even aquariums!

Dropping Your Phone Can Break It

So if dropping your phone can cause it to break or get damaged, what are some of the ways you can prevent it from happening?

  • Use a phone case – this will help to protect your phone if it falls or is dropped
  • Hold onto your phone when you’re walking – don’t let it swing around in your hand as this could lead to it falling out of your grip
  • Avoid dropping your phone in water
  • If dropped on the ground, don’t pick it up right away as there could be broken glass or other pieces that might cut you. Just let someone else do it for you to prevent this from happening.

Dropping Your Phone Can Scratch It

If your phone doesn’t break when dropped and all of the damage is limited to scratches, you’re lucky! However, dropped mobile is not the only thing that can cause your phone to get scratched.

  • Put a screen protector on it – this will help protect your phone’s display from getting damaged if dropped
  • Don’t put anything in your pockets with coins or keys as they can scratch up the exterior of your phone when they rub against it
  • Be careful with your phone when you’re in public – don’t bump into people or things that can cause the exterior of your phone to get scratched up.

Dropping Mobile in Water Can Ruin It

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen to your phone if dropped. Not only can it break, but water can also get into the phone and cause a lot of damage. If you dropped your phone in water, these are some things you should do:

  • Turn off the phone as quickly as possible – this will help to stop any more water from getting into the phone
  • Dry off the phone – use a towel or some rice to help absorb the water
  • Put the phone in a bag of rice – this will help to dry out the phone and prevent any further damage from happening.

What to Do Once You’ve Dropped Your Phone

If you dropped your phone, hopefully, it didn’t end up breaking or becoming too damaged. However, if that is the case and you want some help fixing it or getting a new one, I suggest checking out this website for great deals on dropped mobile repair! As well as dropped cell phone repair, they also offer other services such as water damage repair and cracked screen repair.

In Conclusion

If dropped mobile happens, try not to panic and think about how you can prevent this from happening again in the future! If dropped on the ground, try to find a safe place to pick it up and if dropped in water, don’t try to turn it on right away. Turn it off and let it dry out before trying to power it back up. Taking some simple precautions can help keep your phone from getting damaged when dropped.


Can a Phone Survive a Fall?

Dropping your phone from a height can result in the device breaking. If dropped mobile is not taken care of, it might lead to water damage as well. 

How Do You Know If Your Phone is Damaged?

There are various ways to know if your phone has been damaged. One of which is scratches on the exterior or display. If dropped in water, one might see that the device does not turn on and a strange odor might emit from it. 

Does Dropping Phone Affect Camera?

Dropping a phone might not always affect the camera. If dropped mobile is taken care of, it shouldn’t have an impact on the device’s photo quality.

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