Most Powerful Crystal Combination

Crystals are full of potent healing energy; they are powerful by themselves, but what happens when you start combining two gemstones? While there is no hard evidence to prove that combining gems increases the power of the crystal, lore about this topic has persisted for thousands of years. From ancient civilizations like Greece to medieval Europe, many people made connections between celestial bodies and their properties on Earth.

Often you will find that most gemstones can be paired with one another, but if it comes down to more specific compatibility between gems, this is where the combinations come into play. Below you will find ten of the most powerful crystal combinations that can be found within purple, dark blue/black, and light blue gems. These combinations are most often found in a wider range of gemstones rather than one specific stone, but the crystals that you begin with will be key to achieving desired results.

Please note that all ten combinations do not fall within these colours nor are every combination from this list available in each colour category mentioned above. That being said, let’s take a look at the ten most powerful crystal combinations in their respective categories.

Citrine with Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is often used for prosperity and abundance in all areas of life. Citrine helps to magnify energy, so when you combine these two stones they’ll increase luck and positive energy.

Amethyst with Labradorite

Amethyst is an excellent stone to use in the area of psychic development. It helps you access your intuition and inner wisdom, but Amethyst is also used for combating nightmares or insomnia when combined with Labradorite. 

Charoite with Sugilite or Sodalite

This combination can be very powerful for spiritual awakening. Charoite is used to bring you closer to the Divine, but combining it with either Sugilite or Sodalite can enhance psychic awareness and enlightenment. 

Black Spinel with Staurolite

Both Staurolite and Black Spinel are excellent stones for grounding your energy when you need to remain focused on the present moment. They can both help you with mindfulness, but when combined they are also very powerful for deflecting negative energy and psychic attacks. 

Carnelian with Iolite

Carnelian is the perfect stone for helping you to find motivation when in times of low energy or exhaustion. It’s one of the most grounding stones on the list, so combining it with Iolite can provide mental clarity and help you to see your true path. 

Citrine with Blue Sapphire

Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone as it has been said that money and business transactions flow more smoothly when this gemstone is part of the energy field. When combined with Blue Sapphire, these two stones promote harmony in relationships. 

Labradorite with Lapis Lazuli

These two gemstones are extremely powerful when combined for a variety of purposes. Labradorite can help you to awaken your inner truth and keep your connection to the Divine strong. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most protective stones that exists, so when these two are combined, they can help you to ward off negative energy and open up the third eye chakra.

Malachite with Lapis Lazuli or Azurite

These three gemstones all work well together for spiritual purposes. Malachite is powerful for cleansing and protecting your energy field, while both Lapis Lazuli and Azurite are excellent stones for spiritual growth. When combined, these three are used to attract abundance, prosperity, good fortune, psychic protection, and spiritual awakening.

Larimar with Staurolite or Stibnite

Staurolite is perfect for keeping you grounded when you’re overwhelmed by energy loss or anxiety. When combined with Larimar, the energy within these stones increases love and light to flow through your chakras. Stibnite is another stone for overcoming astral projection, so when you combine it with Staurolite or Larimar, they can help you to remain grounded during astral travel. 

Smoky Quartz with Lepidolite

Smoky Quartz is extremely grounding and protective. It works well with Lepidolite for many reasons, including helping you to release stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Combining these two stones can also help with manifesting your desires as they both attract energy to work toward a common goal or purpose. 

Sugilite with Green Aventurine or Blue Aragonite

Sugilite is often referred to as the stone of empowerment, so it can be a great companion for those who feel powerless. When combined with either Green Aventurine or Blue Aragonite, these three stones can help you to find luck and success in life. 

White Howlite with Tigers Eye or Tiger Iron

These three stones are a great combination for those who need to remain calm and grounded. White Howlite is often used as a meditation stone because of its ability to help you feel present, while both Tigers Eye and Tiger Iron can enhance the overall cleansing qualities of this combo.

Green Aventurine with Rhodonite

These two gemstones are powerful when combined for attracting good health and fortune to your life. They can both help you to release negative energy that may be holding you back from the joy and abundance that exists within this world.

Green Aventurine with Moss Agate or Bloodstone

Both Green Aventurine and Moss Agate have excellent healing properties, so when combined, this is a stone that should be placed in any room of the house or within your environment to provide calming vibrations. Bloodstone is a very protective gemstone as well as a purifier, so when these two stones are combined with Green Aventurine they can help you to gently release negativity from your life.

Green Aventurine with Malachite or Turquoise

When combined, these three stones are powerful for opening up the heart chakra and releasing any negative energy that may be holding you back. They can also assist with manifesting what you desire most in this world into reality. 

Blue Aragonite with Blue Calcite or Turquoise

Turquoise is a very versatile stone that can be used for many different healing purposes. When combined with Blue Aragonite, this powerful duo can assist with purifying and cleansing your energy field as well as your environment. Both blue calcite and turquoise are also great stones to carry with you in your pocket when you need to ground yourself or release stress and anxiety.

Blue Aragonite with Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, or Seriphos Green Quartz

When combined with Lapis Lazuli, this powerful crystal duo can be used to remove blockages from energy flow within the body. It can also help one to be more focused and concentrated while removing any negative energy. 

Celestite is an excellent stone for meditation, so when combined with Blue Aragonite it can help you to communicate with your Angels or spirit guides by providing a clear connection between your higher self and the divine. Seriphos Green Quartz enhances the healing properties of stones when they are placed within 20 inches of each other, so this is a great stone to have with you when you are doing any type of healing work on yourself or others.

Hawk’s Eye with Sodalite

Both Hawk’s Eye and Sodalite promote clear insight as well as wisdom from within the subconscious mind so they can be extremely helpful for those who need help with understanding complex situations. These two gemstones are also powerful for emotional healing and dream recall, so they can be used together to enhance intuition while working through past trauma that may be holding you back from living your best life.

Hawk’s Eye with Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline

This is a great combination for those who need a calming influence for removing any negative habits from their life. Hawk’s Eye and Dravite both assist with developing a positive attitude and outlook, and they can help to boost self-esteem as well as intuition.

Turritella Agate with Blue Chalcedony or Lapis Lazuli

Both Turritella Agate and Blue Chalcedony are powerful stones to use for releasing stress and anxiety while Lapis Lazuli is great for removing negativity from your energy field. When these three gems are combined, they can be used to help one to access the subconscious mind and bring forth psychic abilities that may be currently latent within you.

Seriphos Green Quartz with Sodalite or Serpentine

Seriphos Green Quartz is a powerful enhancer for any stone, so when combined with another stone it can greatly enhance the healing properties of that particular crystal. Sodalite is great for bringing forth clear insight while Serpentine can be used to bring forth hidden knowledge that has been buried within your subconscious mind.

Turritella Agate with Seriphos Green Quartz

Turritella Agate is a great aid for those who need to overcome addictive behaviour, so when combined with Seriphos Green Quartz it can help you to release any negative habits from your life. It can also assist with developing intuition and psychic abilities as well as enhance any other crystal that is placed within 20 inches of it.

Serpentine with Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline

Both Serpentine and Dravite are stoned to use to help you access your subconscious mind, so when combined they can be a powerful duo for developing intuition and psychic abilities. They can also be very helpful stones to have around during meditation due to their strong connection to the earth.

Blue Aragonite with Blue Chalcedony, Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Tiger Iron, Blue Kyanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz or Lepidocrosite

All of these stones are great for opening your third eye chakra and bringing forth psychic abilities so when combined with Blue Aragonite they can be an extremely powerful combination for connecting to your higher self and spirit guides. They can also be used for dreamwork or astral travelling, especially when combined with Celestite which is great for meditation.

Blue Aragonite with Hawk’s Eye

The purification moonstone is a stone of truth that promotes both honesty and integrity, so it works perfectly in combination with Blue Aragonite which can help you access your third eye chakra for enhanced intuition, psychic abilities and communication with spirit.

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